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We have a winner!!

Get YOUR campaign decal by being a monthly donor to Dani's 2020 re-election campaign!

Voting ended for the art contest. The winning design was created by Nicholas and Kandace Ansah! Congratulations & thank you to Nicholas & Kandace. We were thrilled that they could join us at Danielle's Birthday Bash for the winner announcement and to kick off our monthly donor drive

We've now printed Nicholas & Kandace's winning design as a limited edition campaign decal! 

Danielle is overwhelmed with gratitude & her whole team is thrilled with the new campaign decal and SO excited to see what other cool things we can do with all this amazing art!  

Thank you to all these wonderful supporters who have shared their artistic talents with Danielle! We plan to use all these amazing designs throughout Danielle's 2020 campaign!


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