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"He told us we didn’t have a place in the state Capitol,” Walker said, adding that her oldest son was with her that day at the Capitol. “He told us to go back where we came from.” Washington Post 1/16/21



"A Black Lives Matter march in Kingwood, West Virginia set up a flash point for that tiny town. Black protestors and their allies faced off with white people who say Kingwood has no race problem. The angry white crowd outnumbered BLM marchers and showed the raw seam of rage that has come to define racism in this country." WV Public Broadcasting 1/13/21



"West Virginians deserve an Attorney General who works to solve the serious problems we face – injustices in housing, property rights, criminal and racial justice and other areas — not a grand-stander who wastes time and tax dollars fighting to disenfranchise voters in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia." The Parkersburg News & Sentinel 1/13/21

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" . . . she plans to draft new legislation based on the news organization’s findings. Danielle Walker, a West Virginia Democrat, said she was unaware so many people were taking their own lives behind bars until she saw the raw numbers. “Those suicides stick out like a sore thumb,” said Walker." Reuters 12/17/20

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“We’re here to take a stand against discrimination, prejudice and hate. Hate has no home here, there or anywhere, from the mountains to the hollers,” Walker said." 10/23/20 Times West Virginia

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