Taking a Stand. Being a Voice for the Voiceless. Fighting for Justice. 

Danielle Walker is a freshman (Democrat) delegate representing District 51 (Monongalia County) in the West Virginia House of Delegates. Danielle has devoted her life to service, family, community and advocacy. 


As a single working mother who has raised two proud sons, Danielle knows first hand the suffering of too many of West Virginia's most vulnerable citizens and how unjust and ineffective many of our government's policies are. 


Danielle and her family settled in Morgantown after a move from Louisiana to Monongalia County in 2011 for her (now deceased) husband’s work. Danielle soon helped her mother also resettle in Morgantown. Danielle and her mom are now neighbors, each in their own homes their family helped build through Habitat for Humanity. 


During Danielle’s early Morgantown days as a single mom living in subsidized housing, Danielle got busy organizing her neighbors to carpool to food banks and helping them learn use the resources available to offer struggling families a hand up, not a hand out.  


After the shocking tragedy in Charlottesville in 2017, Danielle felt called to do more to fight for justice, so she could make the world a safer and better place for her young sons and all children. Danielle went to every meeting, every demonstration, and every action she could to speak out for justice and human decency and do her part to make progress in our community and our world. Her inspiring and impassioned speeches and her profound commitment to progress caught the notice of local grassroots activists, who encouraged Danielle to run for office. 


Danielle’s first (and successful) campaign for House of Delegates in 2018 was marked by her incredible energy for making connections with our neighbors. If there was an event, Danielle was probably there. If there was a cause, Danielle was probably contributing. If there was a need, Danielle was probably trying to meet it. Her service as a Delegate is marked by that same commitment to bring people together, same gift for inspiring others, and same passion for solving problems and serving the vulnerable.