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WV House District 81, 2022


Register to vote! To vote in the primary election, you must be registered by April 19 & to vote in the general election, you must be registered by October 18.

2022 Redistricting

The 2022 election is the first since the 2020 census redistricting. Due to new legislation, all multimember house districts were redrawn as single member districts. Delegate Walker's new district is House District 81. As always, she serves every West Virginian, but only those who live in District 81 may vote for her in 2022.


Check your registration here to learn what districts you are now in and where your polling place will be in 2022.


Primary Election, 2022

Primary Early Voting: April 27 to May 7

Primary Election Day: May 10

General Election, 2022


​General Early Voting: October 26 to November 5

General Election Day: November 8


#1 Absentee Vote (limited eligibility)


Usually, in WV, you have to have a "good reason" to vote by mail. (All voters were eligible in 2020 due to the pandemic.) Voters can request a ballot in a few clicks. Be very careful to follow all instructions exactly and to return your ballot within the dates required, as ballots can be rejected for a wide range of reasons. 


  • If you aren't sure if you are eligible to absentee vote, please ask the Monongalia County Clerk for guidance. The Monongalia County Clerk's phone number is 304-291-7230.

  • Right away, request your ballot online or call the county clerk's office to request an absentee ballot.

  • Beginning September 18, the Monongalia County Clerk will mail voters who requested them their absentee ballots. 

  • Complete your ballot.

  • Return ballot by mail or hand deliver to the County Clerk's office. The office is inside the Monongalia County Courthouse, 243 High St., Courthouse Room 123, Morgantown, WV 26505.

  • Hand delivered absentee ballots are due to the courthouse NO LATER THAN the day before Election Day -- Monday, May 9 for the primary or Monday, November 7 for the general.

  • Mailed in absentee ballots are legally allowed with postmarks up through Election Day. However, if you can't hand deliver your absentee ballot, we STRONGLY ADVISE you to mail your ballot as early as possible, as mail delays may render mailed ballots invalid. 

  • If you are hand delivering your ballot to the courthouse, keep in mind that voters are only allowed to deliver a TOTAL of TWO ballots for a particular election. So, that's your own plus up to ONE more. 

  • You can track whether your absentee ballot has been received here. If you mail your ballot in, this could be important with the disruption of the Post Office. 

  • If your ballot has not been received by the county clerk on Election Day you can go to your regular polling place and vote using a provisional ballot. If your mailed ballot does arrive they will only count it and you won't be accused of voting twice.

#2 Early Vote in Person April 27 to May 7 & Oct. 26 to Nov. 5 (RECOMMENDED)


  • Primary Early Voting begins on Wednesday, April 27 and ends Saturday, May 7

  • General Early Voting begins on Wednesday, October 26 and ends Saturday, November 5

  • Early Voting is open from 9 to 5 every day except Sundays.

  • Early Voting is generally very easy and smooth in Monongalia County. There are almost never any lines or crowds. The Election Center on Greenbag Road is especially large and empty. 

  • We highly recommend you Early Vote if you don't Absentee Vote. 


Any Monongalia County resident may Early Vote at any of four locations (pending final confirmation from the Monongalia County Clerk):


County Elections Center, Mountaineer Mall

5000 Greenbag Road, Morgantown, WV 26505


Fort Pierpont, Suite 102

200 Fort Pierpont Dr, Suite 102, Morgantown, WV 26508


Mason Dixon Park

79 Buckeye Road, Core, WV 26541


WVU Alumni Center

1 Alumni Drive, Morgantown, WV 26505

If you have any questions about voting in Monongalia County or have any trouble voting at any time, contact the Monongalia County Clerk at 304-291-7230.

#3 Vote in Person on Election Day, May 10 & November 8

  • Any voter can vote on Election Day! 

  • Even if you requested an Absentee Ballot but forget to mail it in on time, you can still vote on Election Day. If you'd requested an Absentee Ballot, they'll have you fill out a "provisional ballot" which WILL be counted (as long as your Absentee Ballot doesn't also show up in their mail.) 

  • Polling locations are open from 6:30 AM to 7:30 PM on election day.

  • You will need to vote at your regular polling place on Election Day. Look up your polling place here

Voter ID


If you vote in person, you should take some form of ID if possible. But definitely go vote anyway even if you can't find ID.


Acceptable forms of Voter ID in WV (must be unexpired):

  • voter registration card

  • WV driver's license or other WV ID issued by the DMV

  • driver's license issued by another state

  • US passport or passport card

  • Military ID card issued by the US government

  • US or WV government employee ID

  • Student ID

  • concealed carry permit

  • bank or debit card

  • utility bill or bank statement issued within 6 months of the date of the election

  • health insurance card

  • Medicare card

  • Social Security card

  • birth certificate

  • WV hunting or fishing license

  • WV SNAP ID card

  • WV TANF program ID card

  • WV Medicaid ID card

  • Any other current government document that shows your name

If you're a first-time voter who registered to vote by mail, you'll need to show proof of residence to vote. Acceptable forms of ID for this purpose include: 

  • photo ID

  • current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other current government document that shows your name and address

Voters without ID -- Yes, you can still go vote!! 


If you are unable to provide ID, you will be able to vote a provisional ballot. 


But, you may be able to vote a regular ballot if: 

  • a poll worker has known you for at least six months prior to the election

  • an adult accompanying you signs an affidavit certifying your identity, or

  • you are a resident of a licensed state care facility and your polling place is in that facility

Fight Voter Suppression. Empower Voters.


Please share this page with all your friends and family in Monongalia County and please help them make their own Voting Plan!


This voting information is accurate to our best ability. If you have any questions or concerns about voting in WV, you may always contact your county clerk or the Secretary of State for expert guidance. 

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