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October 11, 2019

Take the 2020 Priorities Survey!

The 2020 legislative session is just around the corner, and Delegate Danielle Walker (District 51, Monongalia County) needs YOUR help!


Can you please let Danielle know what matters to you, so she can use those few short weeks of the legislative session this winter to make progress on YOUR most important issues?

Danielle knows that there are endless needs in our communities and that it's all too easy for the legislature to lose focus on what really matters to our voters. Help her keep our legislature on track by letting her know what matters most to you!

Please share your concerns and your ideas with Danielle, so she can best represent YOU in the legislature!

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July 3, 2019

Supporting Working Families 

Working people have been forgotten by too many of the corporate-funded legislators in Charleston. I am proud to have been endorsed by the labor unions who represent the working people who are the backbone of our state. By restoring prevailing wage protections and repealing the awful "Right to Work for Less" law, supporting the right to negotiate for working people, and investing in expanding GOOD jobs in WV, we can rebuild the working class in West Virginia. 

January 10, 2020

When Danielle Says Mobile Office Hours, She Means MOBILE!!

Take some #HealthySteps with Danielle Walker by taking an hour to walk and talk together. These Walk & Talk meet ups will cover all sorts of topics. Danielle wants to hear your concerns and ideas, discuss priorities for 2020, and share updates on what is happening in Charleston! 

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Attention Charleston: Do Your Job!


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